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09.27: Went gaga over IKEA’s food this morning!!! :) That big breakfast + that heavenly Butterscotch Cheesecake (which I swear when I had my first bite I heard angels sing!) + unli coffee + bread = happy kangaroo jumping belly!!!! :) IKEA for President! :) #brunch #DubaiSerye (at IKEA Café, Dubai Festival City Mall)

09.25: Had a “kangaroo jumping out of happiness” moment a while ago when I discovered the biggest bookstore which has the most extensive collection I’ve seen! :) It’s Book World by Kinokuniya inside The Dubai Mall. I found my own piece of heaven out of the 1,200 shops! :) Yep, def. ignoring all that designer shops. And yep, you don’t get it, I knooow. *rolling eyeballs* #sorrynotsorry #bookwormproblems #DubaiSerye (at Book World by Kinokuniya, The Dubai Mall)

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