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So I met someone in Thailand, his name is Michael Nolan from England. This guy, he’s been traveling alone and it’s his 10th country that time. IDK if I really like the guy or I’m just inspired by what he’s doing. I think it’s the latter. It made me happy to meet someone who’s doing what I want to do in the future, to travel the world alone. It’s nice to know someone in flesh who can show me it’s really possible. He gave me his email and told me to contact him if ever I’m in England to give me a free tour. I would love to. Pero sana by that time.. wala na syang girlfriend. Hoping pa si ‘teh?! Haha! Honestly, I was really glad, at least, I made an English friend!  And.. thank you Lord, binigyan mo ko ng tangible peg for “the one”. Hehe.

07.29: Woke up today from a very, very beautiful dream. ❤️ I dreamt I was wandering in Europe eating good food and people watching! 😍 So when I woke up, I pulled out my hard copy of the Eurail Map (European Train Routes) and plotted a draft itinerary of my dream Euro trips. 😁 And when I’m done, oh my, I wanna crrrry! Hahaha! Hay Lord.. kaya natin ‘to. Buwis-buhay kayod at ipon for the upcoming years, huzzah! Big and scary dreams are really the best ones! ❤️

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