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08.30: A glimpse of my awesome years in college. 😌 My advice to the youth : do every little stupid and reckless things that you can think of in highschool. And once you enter college, try to grow up a bit, keep your grades decent and be involved in any org and extra-curricular activities that interests you and take all of it seriously. Trust me, your future self will thank you. ❤️ #proudsebastinian #bravobaste #collegedays #throwback

08.28: Still the most hilarious, comical and witty series I follow since last year, and will still wait for more! 📚📖👀😎 Can’t stop LOL-ing since yesterday, even went to bed at 3AM grinning like an idiot. 😁 I certainly learned how men see women because it’s coming from the guys’ POVs, that alone made it special. 😌 Emma Chase is the shiznit! 🙌 #bookwormproblems #NowReading

08.24: So.. someone’s making me laugh hard right now. Haha! Congrats, Len, natupad nanaman ang pangarap mong makita sa TV. Ang ganda ng pwesto mo ha, sureball ang exposure! :) May family says.. “ang taba ni JL!!!” Haha! @lens19 #GGV #NowWatching (at Home ❤️)

08.23: So while working on my itinerary, I was googling for details. I was making my surfing schedules and looking at a surf school site, when I went to their instructors’ page to look at infos, I saw photos of these hot instructors and their impressive profiles, and I’m like.. “GUSTO KO NA UMALIS!!!” hahaha! Magpapanggap akong first-timer, pramis! Sorry Luke Landrigan, I forgot you instantly. Haha! 😍

08.22: I just finished this novel, it’s 3:30AM and I’m still wide awake because of shock from its ending. Oh you gotta be kidding meeee!!! 😩 Now I have no choice but to re-read it tomorrow, so it would stop shitting with my mind. Aaaaah! I’ve never been this frustrated over a novel and its characters before. Will re-read, tomorrow! Jamie McGuire, why??? 😨 #bookwormproblems #NowReading #BeautifulOblivion

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