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08.31: Finally tried Zumba! 🎶💃💪👊😹😌❤️ Joined Tita’s class this morning. 😊 1 full hour of non-stop dancing, no break at all. Kaya pala pumayat si Tita, kala ko stressed lang. Hahaha! Pag ako di naging sing-payat ni Kim Chiu ah! 😁 Good Morning! 🙌 #zumba #workout #jellylegs #sundays (at SFDM Homes Covered Court, QC)

08.30: A glimpse of my awesome years in college. 😌 My advice to the youth : do every little stupid and reckless things that you can think of in highschool. And once you enter college, try to grow up a bit, keep your grades decent and be involved in any org and extra-curricular activities that interests you and take all of it seriously. Trust me, your future self will thank you. ❤️ #proudsebastinian #bravobaste #collegedays #throwback

08.28: Still the most hilarious, comical and witty series I follow since last year, and will still wait for more! 📚📖👀😎 Can’t stop LOL-ing since yesterday, even went to bed at 3AM grinning like an idiot. 😁 I certainly learned how men see women because it’s coming from the guys’ POVs, that alone made it special. 😌 Emma Chase is the shiznit! 🙌 #bookwormproblems #NowReading

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